We understand the intelligence field and know how to properly execute intelligence support to operational entities.  Due to our vast experience supporting different customers with different problem sets, our team can adapt the core intelligence principles of environmental preparation, collection management, and targeting to any geographic area in order to help our customers mitigate any threat; whether that is providing threat assessments, intelligence estimates, or physical security inspections.

In addition to our vast operational experience and expertise, we are also experts in providing intelligence training to our customers.  Our team consists of formally trained classroom instructors, over the shoulder mentors, and curriculum and scenario developers.  Our customers are provided with formalized, professional training materials and instructors and mentors that not only know their craft, but also how to convey their knowledge so that others can retain it.  Being a subject matter expert does not guarantee that you can effectively pass your knowledge on to others.  With Grey Cell you can guarantee that you are getting the best of both worlds, first class expertise and good instruction.

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