At Grey Cell we provide remote and on-site consulting services to assist clients in producing real-world intelligence products.  Our highly experienced team members also mentor intelligence professionals while on the job by offering guidance and sharing community best practices.  Grey Cell’s consulting services typically benefit the customer in a number of ways.  First, in today’s high op-tempo environment, intelligence supervisors often do not have sufficient time to dedicate to one-on-one instruction.  Second, we have found that many junior and mid-level analysts are more comfortable admitting knowledge gaps to a Grey Cell consultant rather than to a member of their chain of command.  Finally, Grey Cell subject matter experts offer a fresh perspective regarding unit processes and procedures.

The Grey Cell team routinely assists clients in developing real-world products such as:

  • Threat Assessments

  • Intelligence Estimates

  • Physical Security Inspections

  • Intelligence Standing Operating Procedures

Grey Cell offers advice and shares best practices on intelligence-related topics such as:

  • Intelligence Product Development

  • Collection Management

  • Targeting Prioritization and Execution

  • Structured Analytic Techniques

  • Analytic Tradecraft Methodologies

  • Compliance with Key Intelligence Community Directives

  • Intelligence Section Workflow

 For more information on our consultation services, please contact us.