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Intelligence Training and Consulting

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First Class Expertise and Quality Instruction

Grey Cell is a Certified Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business and a proud member of the Grey Ghost family of companies. We provide tailored intelligence training and analytic solutions in support of Intelligence Community, Military, and Law Enforcement professionals.



The Grey Cell team is composed of subject matter experts who have supported all services within the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and a select number of U.S. partnered international agencies. 

We understand the intelligence field and are well-versed in how to properly execute intelligence support to operational entities.  Each Grey Cell subject matter expert possesses 15-30+ years of intelligence-related experience within the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, or federal law enforcement agencies. Due to the breadth and depth of our experience supporting various customers with unique problem sets, Grey Cell can adapt the core intelligence principles of environmental preparation, collection management, analytic tradecraft methodologies, and targeting to any geographic area or operational domain to enable our customers to mitigate any threat.

In addition to our vast operational experience and expertise, we are also experts in providing intelligence training to our customers.  Our team consists of formally trained classroom instructors, over-the-shoulder mentors, and curriculum and scenario developers.  We provide our customers formalized, professional training materials, as well as instructors and mentors who not only know their craft, but also are highly skilled in conveying their knowledge in a manner that maximizes learning outcomes and attainment of performance objectives.  Just as not all professional athletes possess the knowledge and ability to serve as effective coaches, not every subject matter expert in the intelligence and security sector is able to impart their knowledge to others in an effective manner.  At Grey Cell, we guarantee our customers receive the best of both worlds, first-class expertise and quality instruction.


We're seeking team members. 

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