One Ethos, Multiple Capabilities

Since 2010, the Grey Ghost family of companies has provided top-of-the-line gear and precision weapons designed to outlast and outshoot our customers’ adversaries.  The newest addition to the family – Grey Cell – now offers training solutions and consulting services to enable our clients to outthink their adversaries.

Cognitive Diversity

Grey Cell’s staff and training cadre possess a unique combination of operational, intelligence, law enforcement, and academia experience.  Our capabilities were forged over decades in the most challenging environments, from dismantling transnational organized crime groups to multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq as well as peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, Africa, and the Western Pacific.  While serving in DoD and federal law enforcement organizations, members of the Grey Cell team built upon a solid foundation of analytic tradecraft methodologies by incorporating law enforcement techniques and procedures to defeat insurgent and terrorist networks.  Recognizing the increasing threats posed by terrorist organizations, transnational organized criminal networks, and other hybrid threats, several Grey Cell team members went on to serve as civilian employees or contractors assigned to multiple agencies within the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.  Since forming the company, the Grey Cell staff has added depth and breadth to its instructor cadre by recruiting top quality talent from federal law enforcement and Intelligence Community agencies.  Our cadre’s collective experience allows Grey Cell to offer highly-specialized, customer-focused training and consulting solutions to a wide range of Intelligence Community, Military, and Law Enforcement clients.  

Seasoned Instructors and Curriculum Developers

Each member of the Grey Cell team has served as a certified instructor and curriculum developer at one of the following schools or centers:

  • John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

  • National Collaboration Development Center

  • Marine Corps Special Operations School

  • Marine Corps University

  • Navy/Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center

  • Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Advanced Training Center

  • Homeland Security Investigations, Office of Intelligence, Intelligence Training Center

  • II Marine Expeditionary Force Special Operations Training Group

  • Marine Corps Center for the Advancement of Operational Culture Learning

Key members of the Grey Cell staff became Master Training Specialists certified to train other instructors. This focus on developing the highest quality instructors possible continues to be a cornerstone of the Grey Cell philosophy.  To this end Grey Cell developed a holistic instructor development, certification, and quality assurance program, all of which is captured in the Grey Cell Academics Handbook.  The Grey Cell team combines its substantial operational experience with proven instructional design and delivery methodologies to provide unsurpassed training outcomes tailored to each client’s performance objectives. 

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Cross-Cultural Communications

Our extensive military and law enforcement intelligence expertise and instructor qualifications represent only a portion of the Grey Cell advantage.  Several members of our core cadre and staff are certified Foreign Area Officers or Regional Affairs Officers, have deployed as United Nations Observers, or have served as advisors to foreign military units.  The common denominator among each of these roles is a commitment to first understand and appreciate the culture of the partner nation to achieve effective cross-cultural communications.  At Grey Cell, we combine these skills with the Grey Ghost ethos of customer service and focus on the end user.  We seek first to understand not only our clients’ needs, but also our client’s culture which provides critical context for generating solutions.  We do not offer solutions until we are convinced that we comprehend the critical issues through the eyes of our client.   

Competitive Pricing

The Grey Ghost family’s history of fiscal conservatism extends to all aspects of Grey Cell’s operations, resulting in a lean, agile business model that enables innovation and rapid responses to our clients’ emerging requirements.  Furthermore, the business acumen and financial management practices developed by the Grey Ghost team since 2010 allows Grey Cell to “fight above its weight” among its small business peers.  These attributes allow Grey Cell to offer exceptional value to our customers by attracting and retaining highly qualified subject matter experts while maintaining competitive price points. 


We finish each project we start.  At Grey Cell, that means we not only achieve 100 percent compliance with each contract, but also address the underlying issues which led the client to seek a contracting solution in the first place.  We are not satisfied until both the client and the end user are satisfied. 

One ethos shared by three companies offering multiple solutions to put the threat in check.